San Francisco Sourdough Bread - 2.50 per basket  
Garlic Bread - Oven baked San Francisco Sourdough Bread
1/2 order - 5.00        Full order - 8.00
Cold Seafood Platter to Share - Prawns, baby bay shrimp, oysters on the half shell and
marintated calamari served with lemon and cocktail sauce - 25.95
Deep Fried Calamari - Served with lemon, cocktail and tartar sauce - 15.75
Steamed Clams or Mussels - Clams or mussels steamed in clam juice, garlic & butter - 18.75
 • both clams and mussels, add 3.00
Fresh Oysters on the Half Shell - Six fresh oysters served with lemon and cocktail sauce - 18.95
Baby Shrimp Cocktail - Served with cocktail sauce & horseradish - 16.95
Prawn Cocktail - Served with cocktail sauce & horseradish - 18.95
Crab Cakes - Served with a roasted pepper aioli - 20.95
Fried Mozzarella Sticks - Served with marinara sauce - 9.75


Mixed Green Salad - A combination of fresh California head lettuce and spring mix - 9.00
          • with bay shrimp, add 5.00
Caesar Salad - Fresh croutons, parmigiana cheese and caesar dressing served over fresh romaine lettuce - 12.75
          • with chicken, add 6.00
Shrimp Louis - Baby shrimp served on a bed of shredded lettuce topped with a Louis dressing - 25.95
Seafood Salad - Crab meat, baby shrimp, diced tomatoes, hardboiled egg, olives served on a bed of shredded lettuce topped with a Louis dressing - 29.50
Caprese Salad - Slices of tomatoes with mozzarella cheese and fresh basil, drizzled with extra virgin olive oil & balsamic vinegar -14.95


Cheese Pizza - Cheddar and mozzarella cheese - 19.75  
Pepperoni Pizza - Pepperoni and mozzarella cheese - 20.75  
Pizza Margarita - Fresh basil, diced tomatoes and mozzarella cheese - 19.50
Vegetarian Pesto Pizza - Pesto covered with diced tomatoes, garlic, black olives, artichoke hearts, and mozzarella cheese - 19.25
Grilled Chicken Breast Sandwich - Marinated chicken breast and honey mustard topped with jack cheese and an onion ring on an artisan bread, served with french fries - 18.95
Italian Sausage Sandwich - Italian sausage topped with cheese, marinara sauce and sautéed bell peppers and onions on a sourdough roll, served with french fries - 18.95


Baked Lasagna - Layers of pasta filled with Ricotta cheese and Italian meat sauce -19.95
Spaghetti Bolognese - In an Italian meat sauce - 19.95
Fettuccine Napoletana -  Diced tomatoes, garlic and onions - 19.25
Ravioli with Meat Sauce -  Ravioli filled with beef, served in a meat sauce - 21.95
Fettuccine Alfredo - Fettuccinie in a white cream sauce - 22.75
Spaghetti al Salmone - Light tomato cream sauce mixed with fresh sliced salmon - 26.95
Linguine al Pesto - Liguine pasta in a basil and cream sauce, garlic and pine nuts- 25.25
Pasta Primavera - Penne pasta with seasonal vegetables in a light tomato cream sauce - 21.75
Linguine with Fresh Clams - Liguine with fresh clams sautéed in white wine, garlic and butter - 29.95
Spaghetti con Frutti di Mare - Fresh clams, mussels, calamari and  prawns in a light garlic tomato sauce - 32.75
Penne Salsiccia - Light tomato cream sauce with Italian sausage - 23.95
Linguine Mussels alla Tarantina - Liguine with mussels sautéed in tomatoes, garlic, red chili flakes and white wine sauce - 29.95
Fettuccine Sophia - Alfredo sauce with ham and peas - 23.25


Deep Fried Calamari - Hand-breaded calamari lightly fried served with sautéed vegetables -22.95
Sautéed Calamari - Calamari sautéed with tomatoes, white wine and garlic sauce served with sautéed vegetables - 22.95
Fillet of Basa - A fresh fillet grilled with a mango chutney sauce, topped with caramelized onions served with sautéed vegetables - 24.50
Shrimp Sicilian - Large shrimp sautéed in a Sicilian red sauce, garlic and tomatoes served with sautéed vegetables - 29.95
Broiled Lobster - Two lobster tails served with drawn butter served with sautéed vegetables - 49.75 
Baked Salmon - Salmon baked in a sweet chile sauce served with sautéed vegetables - 31.50
Fisherman’s Seafood Platter - Deep fried calamari, prawns and white fish served with sautéed vegetables - 32.95
Whole Dungeness Crab - Chilled whole dungeness crab and served with cocktail sauce - 49.95
        • oven roasted in fresh garlic butter sauce, add 5.00
Fish and Chips - Hand dipped beer battered white fish served with french fries - 24.95
Crab Enchiladas - Two flour tortillas filled with crab meat and shredded cheddar cheese then baked in our house-made red enchilada sauce and topped with sour cream & green onions - 29.95
Steamed Clams or Mussels - Steamed clams or mussels in clam juice, garlic & butter - 28.95
Cioppino - A fisherman’s stew of crab, clams, prawns, mussels and white fish in a light cioppino sauce - 39.95


New York Steak - Broiled New York steak, topped with madera mushroom sauce served with sautéed vegtables 39.95
Steak and Lobster - Broiled New York steak and lobster tail served with sautéed vegetables - 54.75
• steak topped with a madera mushroom sauce, add 4.00
Chicken Marsala - Boneless chicken breast sautéed in marsala wine, green onions and fresh mushrooms, served with spaghetti in a garlic butter sauce - 27.95
Chicken Parmigiana - Breaded chicken cutlet grilled and topped with melted mozzarella cheese and marinara sauce, served with spaghetti in a marinara sauce - 27.95 
Chicken Milanese -
Breaded chicken cutlet grilled and topped with lemon, white wine, garlic sauce, served with spaghetti in a garlic butter sauce - 27.95